Frequency Medicine

What is Frequency Medicine?

Each organ has a specific frequency it vibrates at for optimal health. When body systems become weakened or diseased, their frequency becomes out of rhythm. The use of frequencies introduces the correct tones to your body to help it self-regulate.

Frequencies are simply translating a “language” the body understands.

Frequency medicine helps your body get the message that whatever organ or body system is out of rhythm can come back into resonance.

Frequencies Do not heal, the body heals itself.

What Happens during a Frequency Medicine Treatment Session?

A certified holistic health practitioner will take a detailed history of symptoms, needs and desires for a patient’s current physical and mental health.

To further evaluate the patient, the practitioner will use a bioresonance scanner so the scanner can measure the frequencies in your body and biofield.

Once the scanner evaluates the patient’s current frequencies, it gives the practitioner a list of frequency protocols that can help manage that specific issue. Then, the practitioner can create a specific program tailored for that patient.

Depending on the results of the bioresonance scan, the practitioners will either use headphones for auditory frequency therapy and may also attach small probes or wristbands to deliver physical frequencies to your body.

The frequencies used during treatment are extremely mild — one millionth of an ampere. Such a small amount of electrical current is safe because the human body naturally produces its own current within each of your cells.

If you feel frequency medicine could benefit your life, please schedule a frequency session with us! Hope Healing Happy Clinic proudly offers the Vibe2Thrive program.

To schedule your session, book a timeslot on our CALENDAR or give us a call at ‪(941) 841-9903.

Frequency medicine treatments are not to be used to cure, diagnose or replace medical care.

Explaining Frequency Medicine

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