Our Team

Winslow Dixon

Clinical Herbalist & Frequency Medicine Practitioner

Winslow E. Dixon, fondly known as the “Adrenal Herbalist,” spent the last decade working in adrenal health and cortisol care with the organization Adrenal Alternatives (American Adrenal Association) where she worked with stress related adrenal conditions. The limitations western medicine has regarding integrating holistic health into adrenal and stress care led her to the decision to resign and open her own naturopathic practice, Hope Healing Happy Clinic.

Winslow is a clinical herbalist and frequency medicine practitioner who received her education and training through Piedmont International University, the Holistic Arts Institute and the University of Natural Health. She is also an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.

Winslow has published multiple books on the topic of adrenal health including the best sellers, Adrenal Insufficiency 101: A Patient’s Guide to Managing Adrenal Insufficiency and Cortisol Pump 101: A Patient’s Guide to the Cortisol Pumping Method.

Her other published books include:

All are available through Amazon, Kindle E-book and Barnes and Noble.

In her practice, Winslow offers the following services: Adrenal & Stress Health Assessment, Biblical Meditation, Bioresonance Scanning, Biofeedback, Chromotherapy (Color Therapy), Clinical Herbalism, Frequency Medicine (Rife, PEMF, Healy). She also offers the lifestyle programs: EMF Protection and Holistic Homemaking. As a clinical herbalist, she creates handcrafted organic herbal blends tailored to her patient’s specific needs.

Winslow lives by her mantra, “When you’ve been through hell, leave sparks of fire wherever you go.”

JP Jackson

Tuning Fork Therapist

John Paul (JP) Jackson was born and raised in the mountains of Virginia, where he learned to appreciate the beauty and healing magnificence of nature. He started his young career in law enforcement and served the city of King, North Carolina throughout his early adult years.

JP is now a certified sound healer and tuning fork therapist. He received his training through the Life Changing Energy Institute. His practice is focused on providing patients who battle with chronic health issues and disabilities with physical and emotional symptom relief through the use of tuning forks.

JP is also a passionate resin artist, who creates custom orgone generators, tower and cloud busters to help minimize the negative impacts of electromagnetic field radiation in our current world.

He founded Hope Healing Happy Clinic with his wife, Winslow Dixon, to offer alternative modalities to people who have been told by western medicine that there is nothing else that can be done to improve their health. Their practice is centered around the belief that anyone can improve their quality of life, despite any circumstances.

Mary Anita Miller-Dixon

( Medical Director )

Psychiatric & Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner

Anita has been in the field of mental health for decades. She worked as a nurse at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in pediatric psych and was awarded the prestigious “Top 100 Most Excellent Nurses” award. She continued her education and is now a licensed Nurse Practitioner in two fields, Family Medicine and Mental Health. She works as a pediatric provider for Elite DNA Therapy.

Anita’s vast experience in pediatric psych gives her a unique ability to accurately diagnose conditions such as autism, ADHD and learning disabilities.

She proudly offers ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) testing to ensure your child gets an accurate diagnosis.