We are a holistic practice dedicated to helping our clients find hope, healing and happiness through holistic services, healthy non-toxic products and the hope that ANYONE can improve their quality of life!

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Multi-session pricing packages available for all services.

Select services are also offered remotely on zoom.

Bioresonance Scanning

Unhealthy cells and out of rhythm chakras can emit altered electromagnetic waves. Bioresonance technology can detect these out of balance waves in the human body.

To evaluate a patient, our practitioners will have the patient put their finger on the bioresonance electrode pad so the scanner can measure the energy wavelengths coming from the body.

Our bioresonance scanners evaluate our patients and allows our practitioners to create a specific treatment program tailored for you!

Initial Scan, Consult & Care Plan: $100

Follow Up Scans: $45

Biblical Meditation

Biblical meditation is offered to help patients find peace of mind in the meditation of the Word of GOD.

This practice is designed to teach Christians how to meditate on the Bible and find relaxation, peace and reduce anxiety in a biblical way by combining breathing techniques and scripture.

Offered in private sessions on zoom and in person and also in group sessions for churches and community groups.

Private Session: $45

Group rates available.

Vibe 2 Thrive © Frequency Medicine

Vibe2Thrive Frequency medicine uses soundwaves, beats, tones and/or gentle microcurrents to promote balance and healing in the body.

One of the ways frequency medicine works is by targeting certain frequency tones (hertz) to impact pathogens, bacteria and viruses. When a one of these microorganisms is exposed to the right frequency, it disables it without impacting the body’s healthy cells. Microorganisms do not resonate at the same frequency as human cells, so they are unharmed.

Frequency treatment can also increase the amount of ATP in your body’s cells and may help with your recovery.

Additionally, frequencies can be used to support mental and emotional health and can help manage anxiety and depressive symptoms.

During your session our practitioner will use headphones for auditory frequency or attach small probes or wristbands to you in order to deliver a frequency for your body’s needs.

Vibe 2 Thrive Initial Consult: $100

Follow Up Sessions: $60

Stress Health Assessment

Stress is a major cause of health issues and yet most people have never had the organs that control our body’s stress response (the adrenal glands) evaluated.

Because hormones fluctuate throughout the day and can be impacted by stress, it is important to get an accurate picture of a person’s lab results in a baseline setting. This is why our adrenal stress test involves multiple testing times and samples from urine, saliva and bloodspot in the comfort of a person’s home.

Our protocols evaluate how well your adrenals are handling the stressors in your life so you can improve your quality of life!

Initial Consult: $100

Follow Up Appointments: $75

(Price does not include external lab test fees your insurance may or may not cover depending on your plan)

Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning Forks are used to induce relaxation, reduce anxiety,stress, headaches, support overall emotional balance and stimulate a healthy flow of lymph, Qi and blood.

Each sound session is custom tailored to our client’s needs to support mental health and promote physical symptom relief.

Tuning Fork Therapy Session: $75

EMF Assessment & Protection

Learn to identify sources of harmful EMF radiation,how to protect yourself and reduce symptoms of electrosensitivity.

We create a custom plan for you based on your lifestyle!

We also offer a line of EMF protection items.

Assessment and Protection Plan: $75

Chromotherapy -Color Therapy

Chromotherapy is the therapeutic use of colors to promote healing by resetting the balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Color photons have their own wavelength and frequency. The way we perceive colors is because of their emitted vibrations and each color reacts to our eyes and body cells in a certain way as a result. Everyone’s perception is different as well. Therefore, one color may be calming to one person, but alarming to another. This is why our practitioners work with our clients to find colors, lights, sounds and other natural modalities that promote healing specific to each patient.

We use the entire color spectrum to help you find better quality of life!

Color Therapy Session: $75

Holistic Homemaking

Toxic exposure is a major factor in having optimal health, which is why we are passionate about educating our patients on how to protect themselves! With our Holistic Homemaking program, we work with you to assess the products in your home and provide replacement recipes for items such as laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, make-up, shampoo, pet care recipes and more.

You owe it to yourself to live the best life possible and take control of your toxic exposure and we are happy to teach you how! Consult includes a copy of the book Holistic Homemaking.

Consultation, Book & Plan: $100

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule ADOS Test

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) is a standardized assessment of communication, social interaction, play, and restricted and repetitive behaviors in children.

During the ADOS-2 assessment, Anita interacts directly with your child in social and play activities in order to get an accurate diagnosis.

Testing Fees: Dependent on insurance coverage. Self pay options available.